Golden Stocks


Wealth Creation, has been mystified as only possible through understanding Fundamentals of the stock, and Buying them at the right level and holding on to it for 'Long Term'. We cull out such Wealth Creators on long term charts through Technicals.

Understand How the Price behaves on long term prospects, Map long term sectoral trends, understand Indicator behaviours on Long term Charts to predict stocks which can get a Boost of becoming Wealth Creators.

Remember, just like the Lion who waits in the Bushes for hours till the time the PREY is ready to be pounced, a Long term breakout needs Discipline, Patience and Classical Entry / Exit Signals.

For example, even the charts of a stock like APPLE gave twice an Opportunity to enter at measly prices more than a decade back to enter in it, purely based on Technical Signals, long before the Iphone, iMac etc., craze picked up

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