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Precise Entry and Exit points Risk Reward... And much more. Thank u so much Kunal sir for lovely stock picking for intraday and medium term basis.


The one and only person to analyze the happenings in stock market is Kunal Bothra. I have almost subscribed with all TV gurus in last 2 years. However I had to say this KB is Kaun Banega Crorepati host for me who can give u a crore in real life. Loved him. He is dad of stock market. Do not go by his innocent look. He is the secret dark horse In dalal street.
Written from my heart

Ash Kumar

Its a great privilege to me to get a chance to trade on Calls with Sri Kunal Sir.
I am Technical Graduate working as an Executive in a CPSU, interested in Stock Market for investment during my college days but came into market only 3 years before. I've read many books that encourages longterm investment but at the same time discouraging INTRADAY. over past 2-3 years I have subscribed to different agencies for INTRADAY recos, but never made money.
But then gone through Kunal Sirs website and subscribed for his services. With in 2-3 days, my perception on INTRADAY trading has completely changed. Actually you can't just earn money in intraday but you will MINT the MONEY like anything.
Sir gives all calls ranging from OPTIONS, CASH, BTST, INDEX and you just need to blindly follow the calls. I have experienced few SL Hits but Mind you, the BOUNCE BACK recommendations of Kunal Sir will be such a strong that all the losses incurred by hitting sl's will be covered in just few minutes and the rest of the day you don't believe you can make that much amount in a single day. I remember one of the recent call on TATA Motors option which fetched a record of Rs 21000/- on a single lot. But that record, I don't think will withstand for more time, with the kind of calls Sir gives.
Not just calls, but in some cases, Sir will explain the charts also at the time of giving a call showing the break out points before the stock actually breaks out.
Its been just 2nd month for me working with Kunal Sir but I'm very much satisfied and happy with the calls Sir is giving and I'm looking forward to continue my journey with Sir in future.

Thankyou Sir. God bless you and your family.


For further details kindly email at contact@kunalbothra.co.in

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