Not just for the newbies, but even for seasoned Pro’s, there comes a time of leap into abyss of uncertainty, fear and restlessness in the markets. It starts with fun when you make money, then you get confident and make more money. Then arrives the Overconfidence, where we feel everything is in our Control, and our approach is THE BEST approach. However, once the downward spiral begins, the monetary quotient dissolves quickly, but what dissolves further is the Emotional Quotient of a Trader.

Everyone starts with Trading and suddenly you are left with Investing in stocks which are going down regularly. This is the start of the END of the trader in you.
What we provide here is with the variety of market experience, the tools to make money.

We understand, that the markets moves are based primarily on Sentiments, and till the time we as Human’s would continue to trade the markets, the markets would keep following a pattern. The pattern gets repeated, synced, synchronized and adapted and then the cycle begins again. With a belief that the markets keep evolving, and our needs to understand key aspects beyond the obvious, our Training sessions are designed in a manner that they are cut throat and deep. We decode the most rigid and time tested tools in Technicals.

With you are not just looking out for exceptionally high quality Stock Pickings, but also subscribing to his newsletters, gives you an edge to understanding markets. Various reports provide various different Lens to view the market. You are not just ahead of the Curve, but you sail through the path with panache ’.

Can Trading Really Lead To Winning?

Trading is all about GOAL SETTING. It is about being self-disciplined, developing and following a rational strategy for trading, by learning new psychological skills, and by letting go of YOU. It is about revisiting your goals on regular intervals, raising the bar and learning new arena’s of markets gradually and making use of them. Most important of all it is about Risk Managing.
In a nutshell, Trading is a way to make Money.


My simple understanding of technicals is just about identifying patterns. Stock markets are made by humans, held by humans and traded by humans. Human nature does not change nor does its pattern.
The key element of humans is sentiment. Now sentiment doesn’t generally mean emotional sentiment, it also means intellectual sentiment as well. Interestingly, there is only one place where all these types and more get reflected. Do you know where?
You guessed it right, PRICE!!
The price chart always remains the same, what separates it is the eye looking at it. !

As a wise man said, every chart has two different views, either BUY or SELL. But to the experienced eye, a patient eye, a Calibrated eye, the probability levels are different and not just plain BUY / SELL. What separate is the levels of CONVICTION.

Consistency is the key.

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