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We Make It Happen beckons the new coming age of Technical Analysis. Every age marks themselves with the coming of a new species in markets. There was a time when B.Sc was considered the ideal qualification

then came the era of Engineering, then MBA, then Engg-MBA (the erstwhile deadly combo), then CA, then CFA, then a CA-CFA (currently considered as a deadly combo), and now the age of Technical Analysis has just begun.

Our Ethos

Kunal was born in Mumbai, the heart of India. Born within a simple traditional Indian family, he went through the rigors of childhood education, ticking off every so called deadly combo’s one after the other.

The reason why he is what is he is, is because of the sheer hardwork, perseverance and his aptitude to learn and adapt continously.

Kunal is widely known as one of the finest exponents in the field of Technicals with more than a decade of experience. He has been tracking the stock markets with various dimensions, be it globally or locally. He inspires with his multi-dimensional view to any aspect of market analysis. In addition to his Engineering degree, He has a post graduate in Management in Finance, with a work profile found very rare now-a-days. What characterizes his personality is not just the plethora of systems he designs with every single concept, but it’s the amalgamation those concepts and his indepth technical knowledge. His belief is very simple “Just go one step BEYOND the OBVIOUS”.

His multi-pronged approach to a market situation and being “technilogical" (logical with technical reasons) at all times is the key. He can be a contrarian when the markets are skewed, and can be trendian when the markets lose thy faith. These are not any emotional decisions, these are simply with what the charts decipher to him, and market data readings indicate.

Travelling to new places and experiencing new cultures is what he loves the most. Apart from reading different kinds of literature, Kunal indulges in giving seminar’s and lectures at Investor Conferences, Colleges, Training sessions and other such key events.

Kunal also loves to pen down certain his thoughts about market moods, and what thought process one needs to adapt. His articles have been featured in Business magazines such as THE WEEK, MONEY TODAY, DALAAL STREET INVESTMENT JOURNAL’s. His online articles are found in CHINA BUSINESS NEWS, ECONOMIC TIMES – Market Moguls etc.

Currently, He is a Panelist at ET NOW where he discusses the market moods on a regular basis. His stock pickings and the multitude use of Systems and research has been a remarkable aspect of his success.